tranSMART Foundation 2014 Annual Meeting 

The Annual Meeting of the tranSMART Foundation is being held on October 14-16th, 2014, on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI

Rancho BioSciences will be giving two presentations.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Title: Integration of OmicSoft and tranSMART via a simple workflow stretches the value of curated datasets

Abstract:  In this presentation Rancho will walk the audience through a workflow developed for a Pharma customer in informatics servicing the autoimmune therapeutic area.  First, Rancho will show an example of initial data curation and transformation using Excel that was subsequently loaded into tranSMART. Initial data exploration and hypothesis generation was performed in tranSMART and allowed identification of several interesting data correlations that warranted further analysis.  The next step of the workflow was thus to automatically load the data in to Omicsoft’s Array server for advanced analysis using PCA and hierarchical clustering.  The advanced algorithms available in OmicSoft as well as publication-grade visualizations allowed researchers to confirm the preliminary hypotheses and plan further steps in the project. The tranSMART Omicsoft integration was developed by Rancho and is free of charge. In summary, the value of curated content can be extended significantly by using the tranSMART and OmicSoft integration.

Title: Improving  the tranSMART v.1.1 experience: collaborative environment, novel data models, and integration of custom R scripts

Abstract: tranSMART offers a unique combination of features, such as the ability to analyze various types of molecular data in the context of clinical or phenotypic data. In addition, this multi-user platform facilitates data sharing between multiple research teams and organizations. One of our recent projects with included a tranSMART installation in Amazon’s cloud that included customized upgrades to tranSMART’s security module to allow simultaneous and secure access to data for multiple clients. Another project, performed at Merck, had a unique focus on pre-clinical data from in vivo oncology studies and required significant modification of the tranSMART data model. This project also required the addition of custom R scripts to tranSMART’s analytic environment. During the talk we will cover challenges and solutions implemented by the Rancho BioSciences team during these two projects.