Custom R scripts

Rancho BioSciences bioinformaticians are skilled at developing R Scripts and integrating them into our clients workflows and integrating into third party platforms.

We also encourage our clients to donate pre-competitive R scripts we develop in to the public domain. Here are some examples, including free R scripts that can be found in GitHub:

  1. Illumina BeadArray Data Processing, complete analysis in 10 clicks
  2. Tumor growth analysis workflow integrated into tranSMART
  3. Proto array analysis
    Michael Turewicz (Medizinisches Proteom-Center, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany), maintainer of the PAA Bioconductor package, welcomed the new features: “Rancho’s customizations regarding a better results visualization and improved batch filtering provide valuable new features to the PAA package for the analysis of protein array experiments. Contributions from the user community are the strength of open source software development.” The complete Rancho-modified PAA package, example R script, and test data are available in GitHub (
    The new batch correction and plotting features will also be added to future releases of the PAA package in Bioconductor. Bioconductor’s most recent release was in April 2016.
  4. Custom Clinical Data Importer R-Package: To assist a customer in their clinical data analysis we developed a suite of custom data parsing and exporting tools. This R-package flexibly imports patient data from formatted clinician capture spreadsheets, validates several types of fields (dates, numeric lab results, clinical ontology terms, etc) and writes the data to a series of user-defined tables suitable for direct import into any database or data management solution.

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