Microbiome Services

Rancho Biosciences develops literature knowledgebase and complex databases with automatic queries in a rapidly changing field

Currently, many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have started to explore the tantalizing opportunities that arise from cutting-edge microbiome research. The human microbiome has been shown to be implicated in disease areas as disparate as autism, allergy, and Crohn’s disease. However, due to the rapid developments in this field, it has proven to be challenging to keep up with new knowledge and developments by conventional literature searching methods, as well as to apply them to perform cross comparison of large data sets and make meaningful connections between microbiome research and classic microbiology.

Rancho Biosciences offers a unique service that collects literature data and constructs a comprehensive knowledgebase that is tailored to client’s needs and integrates microbiology, microbiome, biochemistry and genetics data. All literature data are evaluated and curated by our Ph.D.-level scientists to ensure data validity and avoid the artifacts that are created by automated searching methods. The customized databases can be run in the cloud or on client’s servers. Continuous updating and maintenance services are available to help clients stay current in this fast-paced research field.

  • Providing a database that allows efficient access to scientific content in a standardized way making diverse publications comparable and allowing integration of proprietary data in the same format
  • Knowledgebase containing data on metabolites and metabolic capabilities of microbial species
  • Metabolites, microbial abundance and diversity, and host genes connected to diseases and treatments
  • Uniform description of effects following customer’s specifications, ontologies, and controlled vocabularies
  • Detailed experimental conditions and information on study cohorts
  • Microbial portraits collect classical and novel knowledge on key players in the microbiome
  • Integration of principal component and heat map data following customer’s specifications
  • Inquire for analysis of raw data
  • Databases are custom-designed and optimized for efficient searching following Rancho Biosciences’ and customer’s data model

We find original literature, meeting presentations and integrate public data with proprietary data in a unified searchable format.

Our projects span from checking a few papers for a small disease area to construction of large and complex databases that can be queried automatically. Regardless of size, our manual approach and thorough QC by our experienced team gives our content an accuracy that is hard to achieve otherwise.

Rancho BioSciences is an international company and we provide data curation services in the following languages: English / French / German / Chinese / Spanish.

Please call (760) 717-7881 or email services@RanchoBioSciences.com to discuss your specific project and needs.