Genetic Variant Services

Rancho Biosciences helps construct strong literature knowledgebase and complex databases with automatic queries

Presently, many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are using NGS techniques to improve and expedite drug discovery process, to create new diagnostic panels, and to identify novel biomarkers.

Often, a question arises after the processing of data is done: what are the consequences of the observed genetic alterations? A good analysis of the variants’ functional role requires a strong literature knowledgebase.

Rancho Biosciences collects literature data that can be used to construct such knowledgebase. We focus on the aspects of literature that is often not covered in commercial databases, such as:

  • Unusual phenotypes
  • Detailed experimental conditions
  • Unification of the variant names and alignment of the reporting format to current standards
  • Exact genetic models

We find original literature and provide support in terms of citations.

Our projects span from checking a few variants for a handful of genes to construction of large and complex databases that can be queried automatically. Regardless of size, our manual approach and thorough QC by our experienced team gives our content an accuracy that is hard to achieve otherwise.

Rancho BioSciences is an international company and we provide data curation services in the following languages: English / French / German / Chinese / Spanish.

Please call (760) 717-7881 or email to discuss your specific project and needs.