Data Infrastructure Solutions (IT)

Rancho BioSciences delivers software and content solutions to help companies use and disseminate curated data

We understand that broad domain knowledge and analysis and statistical skills are required in order to solve translational and personalized medicine problems. Institutes and companies often have a large amount of data and domain knowledge, but require assistance in making such data relevant and convert it into useful information.

At Rancho BioSciences we have experience in platform, software and content development. We work with our customers to evaluate their current environment and objectives, and propose, deliver and implement the appropriate solutions. Such technology solutions include:

  • Curated data within integrated commercial and public domain platforms with automated workflows
  • Genetic variant knowledgebase
  • Workflows and efficient omics pipelines
  • Semantic alignment, ontology building, controlled vocabularies and dictionaries
  • Databases and repositories for multiple types of data
  • tranSMART implementation and integration of external and internal data into tranSMART and other translational research platforms

Our goal is to help our customers efficiently and intelligently consume and apply information generated internally, to empower them by delivering publicly available data in the most convenient way, as well as to create customized tools needed to address important questions.

Rancho BioSciences is an international company and we provide data curation services in the following languages: English / French / German / Chinese / Spanish.

Please call (760) 717-7881 or email to discuss your specific project and needs.