Curation Services and Data Annotation

Rancho BioSciences provides on-site or off-site data curation services

Our services include:

  • Curating all types of data such as OMICs and clinical data, microbiome, assay and animal
  • Data preparation for loading in tranSMART, Omicsoft, NextBio and other platforms
  • Development of ontologies and vocabularies

Rancho BioSciences team has robust and reproducible manual curation workflows that are supplemented with an application of controlled vocabularies from scientific ontologies and dictionaries, such as CDISC MeSH, MedDRA and SNOWMED. We also provide OMICs data pre-processing and annotation to enable in-house analyses of public datasets.


Rancho Data Curation Services – Download

Szalma et al. Effective knowledge management in translational Medicine. Journal of Translational Medicine 2010, 8:68 – View Here

Multiple Sclerosis Data Curation Project with Accelerated Cure funded by Orion Bionetworks Case Study – View Here

Rancho BioSciences is an international company and we provide data curation services in the following languages: English / French / German / Chinese / Spanish.

Please call (760) 717-7881 or email to discuss your specific project and needs.