Curating and Unifying Public Domain Data Sets

Rancho BioSciences manually curates and unifies public domain data sets

Our team uses either our customer’s ontologies and dictionaries or develops ontologies and dictionaries de novo, leveraging what is already in the public domain. We organize and clean data sets such as:

  • AIBL
  • ADNI
  • CCLE
  • GeneLogic
  • dbGaP
  • GEO
  • GTEx
  • ICGC
  • PPMI
  • TCGA

The manually curated datasets can be formatted to virtually any environment (custom databases, tranSMART, Omicsoft, NextBio, etc). Internal datasets can also be curated and aligned with these unified manually curated public datasets.

Rancho BioSciences is an international company and we provide data curation services in the following languages: English / French / German / Chinese / Spanish.

Please call (760) 717-7881 or email to discuss your specific project and needs.