San Diego, California, October 30th, 2014. – Rancho BioSciences, the scientific data consulting company announced today that they have manually curated public data source TCGA for several of their Pharma and non profits customers. These data sets are now available for other oncology groups. Rancho BioSciences manually curates and unifies public and internal data sources for their Pharma, Government and academic clients providing more value and knowledge out of the data that becomes more easily accessible. Rancho advises their clients on approvals they need to request access to such data sets. There is a onetime cost to curate the data and no subscription fees which appeals to academic groups and institutions. Rancho takes the extra step to go back to the paper and even contact the PI when necessary.
“Our Pharma customers usually have access to different flavors of TCGA data sets before they approach Rancho to manually curate TCGA to fit their requirements and formatting”, said Julie Bryant, CEO. “We then provide public or internal data sets for consumption in to tranSMART, Omicsoft or other public or commercial platforms.”

About Rancho BioSciences
Rancho BioSciences is a fee-for-service data-curation consulting company leveraging open-source tools and public-domain data. Our customers include Pharma, Institutes, and Academics.

We have a team of experienced Ph.D. and M.D. scientists around the world that deliver high quality work based on their expertise and domain knowledge in biology, diseases, and clinical data. Rancho BioSciences is flexible and cost effective, providing on site and off site curators.

Rancho BioSciences also has expertise in databases and hosts or installs tranSMART for their customers.

Our goal is to help the life-science community build better tools and take advantage of a wealth of scientific data by supporting and developing open source platforms.
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