San Diego, California, May 7th, 2014. – Rancho BioSciences, the scientific data consulting company announced today that they have launched a Free Download section on their web site. Rancho BioSciences manually curates public and internal data sources for their Pharma, Government and academic clients – information that is usually consumed internally. One of Rancho’s goals is to make more manually curated pre-competitive information available to research scientists for free. When talking with Rancho clients they are encouraged to put such data in the public domain and to utilize open source platforms and tools such as tranSMART and R.

“We are starting with 11 manually curated GEO data sets for cancer, immunology and asthma that can be easily downloaded from our web site”, said Julie Bryant, VP Business Development. “We would like to be a vehicle for our customers to be able to add more data sets in to the public domain and we encourage sharing of costs for pre-competitive projects rather than each Pharma paying separately for similar work products. There is a lot of work to be done yet in order to find cures faster for patients and if we can help by reducing costs and timelines we want to be a part of that.”

“The manually curated GEO sets prepared by the Rancho team are formatted to go in tranSMART and will work with most publicly available ETL procedures. We hope that tranSMART adopters will find these sets to be a good starting point in their exploration of the platform. We selected several representative sets that are known for their richness of data so that different tranSMART workflows can be explored”, said Dr Tatiana Khasanova, Director of Research.

About Rancho BioSciences

Rancho BioSciences is a fee-for-service data-curation consulting company leveraging open-source tools and public-domain data. Our customers include Pharma, Institutes, and Academics.

We have a team of experienced Ph.D. and M.D. scientists around the world that deliver high quality work based on their expertise and domain knowledge in biology, diseases, and clinical data. Rancho BioSciences is flexible and cost effective, providing on site and off site curators.

Rancho BioSciences also has expertise in databases and hosts or installs tranSMART for their customers.

Our goal is to help the life-science community build better tools and take advantage of a wealth of scientific data by supporting and developing open source platforms.

For more information about Rancho BioSciences, please visit us online at