Senior Technical Lead

We are looking to add a team member to our growing company. This Project Technical Lead, Staff Scientist position offers a chance to apply your education and experience in Biology, Chemistry, Clinical Sciences, Information technology or other related field and work on diverse projects for our clients. The selected candidate will have excellent opportunities to apply their extensive experience and lead large, complex projects at the interface of IT and Life Sciences, manage team of scientists, and interact with clients.

Being an experienced team leader with domain knowledge, you will be required to work directly with multiple scientists to develop an efficient process and strategy to accomplish project goals. The complex projects you will lead will include multi-disciplinary team members – scientists of various backgrounds, bioinformaticians, and developers. Your work will include writing proposals, developing project plans, collecting and understanding technical specifications of the project to develop strategies, assembling project teams, and delivering projects to clients on time and on budget. This position requires being independent, ability to motivate self and others, being able to communicate to senior management, as well as creating and following up on technical tasks for the internal team. The Ideal candidate will have an excellent grasp of the current industry trends, be able to create end-to-end solutions for complex problems in life sciences and be able to contribute to our team’s efforts while adding value for our customers.

Required Skills:

  1. Subject matter expertise, at PhD level, in the field of Life Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Medical Sciences, Information Technology, or other, with a demonstrated track record of expertise in the form of publications 
  2. Experience with scientific data curation; experience with applying, editing and creating ontologies, taxonomies and dictionaries – at least 10 years, preferably in a commercial setting
  3. Demonstrated experience with building data or metadata management platforms
  4. Demonstrated ability to lead and manage life sciences projects
  5. Strategic thinking and planning with consideration of the project’s objectives
  6. Communicate efficiently within a matrix organization, superior communication skills – oral and written
  7. Organizational skills, attention to detail, experience with creating project specifications and documentation
  8. Being a team player
  9. Integrity and high work ethics
  10. Full grasp of specifics of client-facing activities

Any of the following skills are highly desires but are not required:

  1. Working knowledge of commercial and open source data processing and management platforms such as DNAnexus, OmicSoft, Collibra, others
  2. Coding skills (R, Python)

Some travel (10%) may be required.

Please email resume and relevant experience information to