Education requirements:
PhD in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science or related discipline.

Experience requirements:

  1. Writing and maintaining R, VBA, Python Scripts.
  2. Deep knowledge and understanding of various assay technologies – assays to be used from clinical genomic transcriptomic and proteomic testing, compound efficacy & toxicity testing.
  3. Understanding of modern data analysis technique and data formats.

Responsibilities for this position include:

  1. Create automated scripted pipelines to extract, curate and catalog various metadata (attributes) from different kinds of biochemical assay data files.
  2. Application of different technology: R scripting, Python scripting, Excel macros (VBA).
  3. Integration of the results of assays annotations/cataloging with data obtained during clinical trials.
  4. Processing documents using a combination of SVN, text processing tools.
  5. Create training materials to be used by future curators/team members. Interact with clinicians, bioinformaticians and IT to accomplish work task.

Please email resume and relevant experience information to