Data Wrangler San Francisco

Rancho Biosciences is seeking to fill in a Data Wrangler for Life Sciences position. Ideal candidate is a scientist trained in any of the Life Sciences at PhD level who acquired, through either formal training or experience, R coding and data science skills. This position requires independence, problem solving abilities, attention to detail, and superior communication skills.


• Ability to perform data wrangling (data munging), primarily using R and associated packages such as tidyr, dplyr, reshape2
• Ability to create data processing pipelines using R and shell scripting
• Demonstrated ability to query biological databases (NCBI, Biomart, etc) to extract genomic information (transcript coordinates, gene names, aliases, etc)
• Use of a strong background in biology and bioinformatics to read critically both scientific literature and others’ code, and then apply the concepts/methods therein
• Willingness to familiarize oneself with new areas of biology and develop new skill sets as the need arises
• Ability to keep well-documented code, while generating project deliverables on time
• Independently driven and hard working
• Must be a team player

Desired Experience

• Experience with functioning in a customer facing role
• Knowledge or experience of genomics or other OMICs data


Please email resume to