Bioinformatics position with Rancho Biosciences

Rancho Biosciences is a fee for service life science company leveraging open source tools and public domain data to provide knowledge and value for Pharma and foundations. We are based in San Diego and looking for bioinformatics scientists on a part-time/consultancy basis that will grow in to a full-time position.

Education requirements:
– PhD in Bioinformatics or related field with 2-5 years of experience with hands-on bioinformatics projects. A PhD in Biology, Chemistry or related field with a postdoctoral training in bioinformatics is acceptable. Degrees in Physics and Mathematics maybe considered if work experience can demonstrate sufficient experience with biological projects.

Experience requirements:

  1. Proficiency in analyzing biological data of different formats and scripting in a variety of programming languages (R, Python, Perl, Matlab, C, C++, C#, Java)
  2. Experience with NGS data analysis
  3. Track record of relevant publications, references, presentations

Desired experience:

  1. Work in a fast-paced, client oriented and service environment
  2. Collaborate in a team of multidisciplinary scientists, IT personnel, project managers and medical professionals
  3. Skill and experience in Biostatistics or Applied Statistics
  4. R-stats package development, Bioconductor package scripting and R-Shiny platform design
  5. Data management of multi-omic data associated with large scale clinical datasets
  6. Development and maintenance of high performing analysis pipelines in a range of applications and computing environments
  7. Programmatic interaction with bioinformatics analysis platforms (Omicsoft, tranSMART, Gene Stack, DNA Nexus, Seven Bridges)

Responsibilities for this position include:

  1. Participation in proposal writing for new projects: evaluate requests by clients, find a technical/business solution, estimate necessary time to complete the project and required resources
  2. Independent and team-based contributions to projects with bioinformatics component
  3. Efficient use of time, proficiency in written analysis reporting, good communication
  4. Keeping up-to-date on the skills related to the field of expertise.
  5. Some travel may be required

Please email resume and relevant experience information to