Rancho BioSciences is a fee for service Data Curation Company

We have a team of experienced PhD and MD scientists around the world that deliver high quality work on time and on budget. Our goal is to support the life science community by curating all kinds of data and providing knowledge mining services to be leveraged by our clients to further their research and answer pertinent questions.  We are passionate about our work.

  • We curate public and internal data sets from many sources unifying the data for search and analysis
  • We provide knowledge mining services for drug repositioning, disease burden, build ontologies and dictionaries
  • We build genetic variant knowledge bases, platforms and pipelines
  • We host and install tranSMART for our customers, develop collaboration environments, curate and load data in to tranSMART
  • We provide custom bioinformatics analysis services

Rancho BioSciences helped us to successfully complete a large, very important project. They quickly captured our needs and built a tool to process large amounts of data quickly which we could never have processed on our own.

Wayne SmerdonCovance

The team at Rancho Biosciences is incredible. Their bioinformaticians are top level experts that provide superb results. They also take the time to fully understand your research goals and work with you for highly customized data analysis. They can do what you need, when you need and work with your budget to get the results that will drive the next stage of your research. Rancho is a great resource for all your bioinformatics and we look forward to working together in the future.

Dr. Elizabeth O'DayPresident and Founder of Olaris Therapeutics, Inc.