The Data Curation


Rancho BioSciences, the scientific data curation company


Rancho curates internal proprietary data and public domain data sets, harmonizes them and gets them ready for multiple analysis platforms to consume. It is a laborious task that many companies outsource to us.



Our Bioinformatics team can help answer scientific questions by analyzing your complex data. Whether you need a short-term boost in data analysis resources, or engage a specialized team for a long-term project.



Data Scientists at Rancho BioSciences are experts in large scale automated curation, annotation, and visualization. We also build custom programmatic pipelines for comprehensive data cleanup and analysis.


Rancho BioSciences is a fee for service life science company leveraging open source tools and public domain data in Pharma, non-profit foundations and academia. We have a team of experienced PhD scientists around the world that deliver high quality work on time and on budget.
Our goal is to help the life science community build better tools and take advantage of a wealth of scientific data by supporting and developing open source platforms.

What I think makes the relationship work, is the knowledge and quality of the informatics and project management skills of the Rancho staff, their customer focus, willingness to ask good/tough questions in the spirit of making the project a success, delivery on timelines and flexibility under pressure. Communication is also critical – agreeing to an action plan, delivering the agreed analysis on time while adjusting to emerging data along the way are oh-so-rare these days and this MO is the base practice at Rancho.

Steve BlakemoreEpizyme

In brief the quality of work, performing tasks in a timing and reliable manner are an important part of what we get from Rancho. Your team is superb and provide intellectual input vs. just doing what they are told so. On the business side, the multiple payment models offer flexibility to accommodate different types of projects (e.g. short term vs long term projects). Also you have a complete offering with capabilities to deal with data curation, databases and bioinformatics.

Marcia FournierBioarray Genetics Inc.

I was skeptical about how effective it would be to outsource bioinformatics projects to a contract resource. My experience over the last two years has shown me that I need not have worried. The Rancho Biosciences team had impact with essentially a zero learning curve. They show sophisticated understanding of the projects where we needed help and were able to grasp the context and goals of projects almost more fully than many team members. The Rancho Biosciences team is also highly skilled in project management; communication is clear, constant and well documented; and, project progress is tracked and reported in ways all members can access status information with no difficulty. Our relationship with Rancho Biosciences has proven to be a great asset that offers instant scalability as programs and resource needs evolve. We intend to continue our partnership for the foreseeable future.

Maureen CroninCelgene

Rancho BioSciences take care of data quality, normalization, and curation as well as bioinformatics analysis and knowledge mining for multiple teams at CHDI. Colleagues often approach me to engage Rancho’s services now; they’ve become an integral part of how we work.

Jeff AaronsonCHDI